We developed Optio with simplicity in mind. Not only this means that using the platform must be intuitive and easy for the end user, but it also means that the deployment, configuration and maintenance should be easy for the customer’s tech team. Optio offers standard integration channels and schema, making it easy for customers to quickly integrate the platform within their infrastructure and start using it. Still, there are situations when this approach only partially works. To help our customers, we offer additional services for such cases.

Custom Integration

We can provide custom integration components and offer full integration service if the customer needs different integration options or more human resources to integrate the platform. This means building custom integration services, using technologies that the customer is more familiar with, and building data transformation services for converting customer data into an Optio-compatible format and vice versa. Optio can customize the integration layer for seamless data exchange per case and provide a highly skilled team for the actual integration on the bank side.

Custom Channels

Optio supports all the industry standard notification service providers for Email, SMS and Push notifications. Still, there are cases when the customer needs a different service. For such cases, we offer custom channel integration services, whether it’s internal or external.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Optio provides several pre-trained machine learning models (like a churn model, a propensity model, etc.) out of the box. Still, customers often ask for fine-tuning of the models for their specific use cases or completely new models. Our data science team is always ready to work closely with customers and provide state-of-the-art models targeting their particular needs.