February 23, 2018 – Update Summary


1. Smart daily planner

Smart Daily Planner is a feature, that helps you to control and optimize your daily money spending. Every morning Optio tells you how much have you spend on the previous day and asks you how much are you going to spend during the day. Next day process repeats so you can see if you have hit your goal or you have overspent. So you have a plan every day and try to stick to it and optimize step by step.


2. web application

Using web application, you can see your spending information in details, fix incorrectly assigned categories and get more information about your finances. Web application and bot fulfil each other to give you a better understanding of your finances.


3. bank data manual refresh

You can manually request bank data refresh for updating information. This is helpful if you have 2-factor authentication with your bank and Optio can’t do an automatic refresh, or you want immediately get fresh data. You can refresh all banks simultaneously or specific bank from the list. Tell Optio “refresh my banks” or use Menu -> Settings -> Bank -> Refresh Bank Connection.


4. reconnect with the bank

If you have changed password or connection token with your bank expired, Optio won’t be able to refresh transaction data automatically, you have to reconnect bank to get a new token.  To initiate bank reconnection tell Optio “reconnect bank” and choose from the list. You will provide your username and password just like during first-time connection


5. bug fixes

This release also fixes several bugs in conversation, data synchronization and transaction categorization.