November 11, 2017 – Update Summary


Menu for basic operations

You can use the menu for quick access to basic operations like balance, spending and etc.  Also, we have added settings section. Currently, you can use it for connecting new bank but soon it will give you more possibilities.


Banks with 2-factor authentication

You can now connect banks even with 2-factor authentication (SMS, one-time token generator)! Optio will ask for one time code when it’s needed and then the process will continue. Please note: if you are using 2-factor authentication, Optio is unable to refresh your account data automatically. Soon you will be able to request a manual refresh, yourself.


Most frequent merchant identification

You can ask OptioAI about favourite merchant ( a place where you have been/paid most). You can find this info in conjunction with periods, like for a week, month or specific period of time.


Category details for morning notifications

Now you can see the details of Yesterday’s spending when you get a notification in the morning!