How Can I Connect Bank?

If you are first time user, just follow the guided process, if you are already using Optio and want to connect another bank, just tell about that. Try something like “I want to connect another bank”


What Can Optio Do?

Below is the list of currently supported skills:

Multi-Banking Balance

To get the balance between all our accounts and banks, ask “what’s my current balance?” or “tell me my balance?” or some other variation. You also can ask for card balance, savings balance, loan balance or balance breakdown by accounts. For instance: to get the balance on your cards, ask “what’s my card balance?” and so on.

Overall spending for period

You get aggregated information about your expenses during any period. For example, you can check your last week spending by asking “how much did I spend during last week?”, you can get information about a particular day “how much did I spend on October 3, 2017?” or some period “how much money did I spend from September 1, 2017, to November 1, 2017?”. Try to experiment with different dates and periods.

Average spending for period

You can get average spending. For example, you can find out, what is your average monthly spending based on full history, or you can get your weekly average based on last 3 month. Try something like “what is my monthly average?” or “calculate my weekly average based on last 2 months”

Spending in particular category for period

Sometimes you want to find how much you spend in particular categories, like Groceries, Utility Payments or Cafes & Restaurants. The only thing you have to do is to add category name to existing questions. For example “How much did I spend on Groceries for last month?”

Average spending in particular category for period

Just like overall spending, you can find your average spending for a particular category: “What’s my weekly average spending for Cafes & Restaurants?”

Spending at particular merchant/payee for period

There are times when you want to know, how much you spend with some merchant/payee. With Optio it’s also easy. Use same technique but this time use merchant name, for example: “How much did I spend at Starbucks during September?”Please note: sometimes, marketing names of payees can differ from the names that are used in banking statements and in this case Optio can’t match the names.

Average spending at particular merchant/payee for period

Again, you can get averages for merchant/payee too, just using its name: “What is my weekly average @ Starbucks?”. Please note: sometimes, marketing names of payees can differ from the names that are used in banking statements and in this case Optio can’t match the names.

Smart Daily Planner

Smart Daily Planner helps you to control and optimize your daily money spending. Every morning Optio tells you how much have you spend on the previous day and asks you how much are you going to spend during the day. Next day process repeats so you can see if you have hit your goal or you have overspent. So you have a plan every day and try to stick to it and optimize step by step.

Manually Refresh Bank Data

You can manually request bank data refresh for updating information. This is helpful if you have 2-factor authentication with your bank and Optio can’t do an automatic refresh, or you want immediately get fresh data. You can refresh all banks simultaneously or specific bank from the list. Tell Optio “refresh my banks” or use Menu -> Settings -> Bank -> Refresh Bank Connection.

Reconnect Bank

If you have changed password or connection token with your bank expired, Optio won’t be able to refresh transaction data automatically, you have to reconnect bank to get a new token.  To initiate bank reconnection tell Optio “reconnect bank” and choose from the list. You will provide your username and password just like during first-time connection.


What Else Can Optio Do?

For now, that’s all, but you can help us to add skills you care for, so if you have ideas, don’t hesitate to talk to as. You can use email for that.


Can Optio Tell Me How To Become Millionaire?

Not yet 🙂 And also it can’t tell you jokes, weather, and all the other things, you may ask. It can answer some questions about itself and sometimes the conversation can be even fun, but if you try to fool it, you will fool it, so no reason to spend time on that and then be excited about it 🙂 Try to use Optio as intended: get info about your finances. With time, it will become smarter and will help you even more.


I Found Bug/Issue, What Now?

If you have found a bug or thing that something’s not correct, please shoot us an email on and we’ll work with you to fix it. Most of all we like to fix bugs that your users report 🙂