What is OptioAI?

OptioAI is an artificial intelligence powered bot, which helps you with daily money issues. It analyses your past, gets insights and assists you to build better spending habits, so you can easily balance between your lifestyle and your money. Unlike other budgeting apps, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and scroll through spreadsheet like lists to understand your finances. Everything is as simple as just asking a question.


How does OptioAI work?

Actually, it’s pretty easy to understand, how OptioAI works: It’s a chatbot, that “lives” in Facebook messenger. It connects your bank accounts across different banks or even countries over an encrypted connection and accesses data in a read-only mode (meaning that it only can read data, but not create any transaction or transfer money). After, OptioAI analyses this data, categorizes transactions, extracts merchant/payee information and gives you some immediate insights. On daily basis, it tries to answer your questions and help to set up a “financial routine” so you stay on top of your daily spendable money.


How do you protect my data?

Security and privacy is #1 priority for us. We use industry-standard techniques that are used in banks and other financial institutions to ensure, that your data is safe with us. More specifically we use:

  • Encrypted connections between you, OptioAI and banks – No one can intercept data in between
  • Read-only access to all your banking info – We can only read data but can’t perform any operation
  • Encrypted database – Database where your information is stored, is encrypted. It means, that even if it’s stolen, there’s no way to read actual data
  • Anonymization and pseudonymization – We anonymize & pseudonymize your data, so it become’s unidentifiable
  • Partnership with Industry leader financial data aggregation service provider SaltEdge – OptioAI connects to financial institutions through SaltEdge. This means, that we don’t store your credentials and access to your data is done through one of the world leaders in financial data aggregation service.


Why OptioAI needs my login information?

As your data is located on the servers of your bank, OptioAI can’t access it without your permission and your login information is the only way, to grant OptioAI this access. Everything is done through encrypted connection and data itself is encrypted. OptioAI does not store your credentials at any stage of connection.


Does Facebook have access to my banking data?

No, Facebook has no access to your banking data. The connection itself is done outside Facebook and data is stored on OptioAI’s servers, encrypted. Only you and OptioAI have access to that data.


Do you share my personal data with other companies?

Never. By providing your financial data to OptioAI, you show how much you trust us and for us, that’s most important thing. We never ever share/sell your personal data to anyone. On the other hand, we process it to understand your finances, improve existing functionality and build new awesome things that will help you to have a healthier financial life.


Is it free to use OptioAI?

Yes, it’s completely free of charge. Every functionality is accessible for everyone. There are no “Free” and “Premium” tiers, if OptioAI can do something, it will do it for each and every user.


Then how do you make money?

Great question! 🙂 For now, we don’t make any money, but at some point, we will create smart offer engine, that will give our users tailored offers about different products. So you may get a really good deal, right inside chat and we will take a small commission on that.