About Optio

Optio’s story began in 2016 when we decided to create a personal finance management tool specifically for millennials. The idea was to develop an intelligent financial chatbot that would quickly answer financial questions and help customers with day-to-day money management in an interactive and fun way.

With the help of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency’s first investment, the idea quickly turned into an MVP. It helped Optio to become the first-ever Georgian startup in StartupYard, Central Europe’s oldest and most well-known startup accelerator. After three months of intensive acceleration in StartupYard, Optio continued its journey in Berlin at Techstars, again becoming the first and the only startup from Georgia ever accepted by Techstars. During Techstars acceleration, we refined technology and the product. Still, we also found that the product had challenges on the commercial side, and product-market fit also seemed questionable. So, we decided to change the business model from B2C to B2B and focused Optio on solving existing problems of financial institutions.

In 2018, we returned to Georgia and started adapting the technological modules to the local banking sector. During the next few years, small and large banks became Optio’s clients. This process and the team behind Optio helped us to find the product-market fit and consolidate all our products and services under a single umbrella – The customer Data Platform for Banks. Today, Optio allows banks to deal seamlessly with the massive amount of customer data and turn it into effective sales in a matter of days.

It took a few years to come to this point, but starting from the financial assistant, going through 2 accelerations, spending countless hours on different experiments and working closely with our clients helped us to find the product-market fit and create a unique product that solves our customers’ problems on a daily basis. For Optio, that’s the most significant achievement we could dream about. So, with the fantastic team behind the company, we continue to move forward towards our mission to help financial institutions develop data-driven sales processes.

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