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Optio’s story begins in 2016 when at the first ever national startup competition organized by Georgia’s Innovation & Technology Agency, Optio’s co-founders, Shota and Giorgi, received an investment of 100,000 GEL. The idea behind the startup was to address the problem of personal financial management and offer millennials an interesting alternative to solving it. Specifically, the plan was to develop a chatbot that would help its users to get insights about their finances in a natural conversation manner, plan future expenses and automatically monitor the budget.

The idea quickly turned into an MVP and helped Optio to be selected for participation in the acceleration process at StartupYard, Central Europe‚Äôs one of the oldest and well-known startup accelerator. After 3 months of intensive acceleration, Optio continued its journey in Berlin, at Techstars office as a batch 8 cohort team. Berlin was the place where the technological side of the product was refined and finetuned. However, working on a product-to-market feat with mentors and TS team, it faced difficulties of commercialization and hype of the chatbot industry in general. For that reason, the idea arose between the co-founders to change the business model from B2C to B2B and transfer the technology behind Optio to solve existing problems of financial institutions. 

In the summer of 2018, Optio returned to Georgia, where it started adapting the technological modules to the local banking sector. In the course of the next few years, Optio’s clients became small and large financial institutions. This process helped the team to shape the final face of the product and make Optio as we see it today.

Currently, Optio partners with four Georgian banks, most experienced minds have joined the team to foster the development of the product that already has a specific mission, to help a bank develop data driven sales processes
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Year 2022. Team Behind Optio